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The award for creativity based in traditional culture goes to Etnotranss!

The Folklore Award 2010 in the category "Creativity based in traditional culture" goes to Auli's new album Etnotranss. The celebration will take place in Sigulda Culture centre, November 20th at 3pm. The Award is provided by the State Agency of Intangible Cultural Heritage and Folklore Society.

Etnotranss concert

Thanks to all of our wonderful audience at Spīķeri concert hall!
More photos from the event here


Dance performance "No zobena saule lēca" November 18-20th

The performance gives an insight into the everyday life of our ancestors many centuries ago. At that time, people had to fight for their lives to survive, so it was necessary to have good war skills. The plot focuses on the destiny of the Latvian people and their ability to accept it. The performance attempts to mirror the innermost feelings of people and the manner in which people expressed themselves while being conscious of the coming war. The story does not concentrate on the people who actually fought, but on those who stayed behind. They parted from their loved ones knowing they may never return home.
The performance invites people not to concentrate on the relentless struggle for power and survival, but put aside swords and search for more spiritual means of solving conflicts.

Music: Auli as well as Ilze Grunte, Zane Šmite, Kristīne Ādmine, Liene Brence, Ivars Cinkuss, choir Gaudeamus.
Dance: Dance studio and group „Dzirnas”, 18 folkdance groups from Latvia

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Dinkis from the new CD Etnotranss

The first song Dinkis from our CD Etnotranss is released. The CD will be available in Latvia from october 20th.
In the album Etnotranss Auļi are going on a conceptional journey of initiation through the underworld, travelling through time and various stages of passion, fear, power and friendship, meeting on their way mythical companions, transforming themselves several times and returning wiser and stronger. The well-known Latvian writer Laima Muktupāvela has written texts for each of the pieces, which can be read while listening to the music and thus create an associative background.
Listen the song here.


New CD Etnotranss soon!!!

After two year work in studio our new album Etnotranss is ready to be released! The date is set - October 20th. Step by step we will introduce the public with the news about our album. The most important at the moment is that it is going to be published by independent label Westpark music in Germany as well and will be available all over Europe therefore.


Auli performs in Menuo Jodaragis in Lithuania

Concert takes place in august 28th.


The biggest Midsummer wreath and Auli music

Auli are playing in Open Air museum on Sunday 20th June 6.30 PM while the biggest Midsummer wreath will be made. The making of the wreath will begin on 10 AM and will be translated live on LNT. Different folk and pop groups will perform Midsummer songs during the process and everybody is welcome to learn more about Latvian Midsummer traditions in the traditional homesteads around in the Museum. Live on LNT 9.55, 10.40, 12.30 AM, 2.45, 4.00, 6.40 and 8.15 PM.

Auli are playing in festival FolkBALTICA

From 21 to 15 April 2010 the folkBALTICA festival in German town Flensburg invites you to an exciting musical firework display of modern folk music from around the Baltic Sea. This year’s country focus will be on Latvia.
Auli are performing specially selected program which includes musical pieces from new album in production Etnotranss. Alltogether the group is playing four concerts in different locations. More information about festival programme.


Auli plays together with Skyforger

Auli and pagan metal group Skyforger together will perform a song Jūras dziesma at Annual Music Industry Award 2009 ceremony in National Opera. You can watch it live on TV3 on 23rd February night. The song is included in modern folk compilation Sviests 3 released by label Lauska.

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