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Auli playes in the Svirzh festival in Ukraine

Svirzh Festival - the biggest Ukrainian World Music Festival. The program
includes concert stages, theatre, dance, literature etc.
The Village and Fortress Svirzh are in 40 km way from Lviv, western capital
city of Ukraine. This year Lviv was proclaimed as the main cultural centre
of Ukraine. At the same time it is one the oldest and multiethnic cities of
The Fortress Svirzh was built in XV century. The goal of Festival is not
only to create an excellent event for people but to contribute in the
Fortress reconstruction.
Auli performance is on July 31st 10 PM.
More info on festival website


Auli are playing in the biggest world music festival in Germany

TFF.Rudolstadt – Germany’s biggest folk, roots and world music festival – takes place annually on the first full July weekend. It lasts 3 days (or rather 55 hours with no break) and presents more than 60 bands on more than 20 stages. 2009 will be the 19th edition from 3th to 5th of july. Auli plays on Saturday, 4th July - Konzertzelt 18:30; Sunday, 5th July - Heidecksburg Große Bühne 14:45, Final programm 18:00. More info:


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