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Concerts in Lithuania

Recently Auli performed in several festivals in Lithuania: Menuo Jodaragis, Kilkim Žaibu, Apuole and Panevezys. On 27 September the group will play in the Suklegos festival in Kovno. The festival takes place every autumn and its motto is ‘a modern way to deal with folklore’. The organisers aim to defy stereotypes and broaden outlooks on how tradition can be preserved by adapting it to the modern experience. The music presented at Suklegos is described as intellectual folklore, post-folklore, folk jazz, modern folk, world music, and new age. It is our great pleasure to maintain close friendships with our sister nation. See you in Lithuania!

Auļi participates in Latvian XXIV Song and XIV Dance festival

The festival is one of the biggest events in Latvia’s cultural life. In 2008 it took place between the 7th and12th of July. Every four years more than 18,000 singers and 13,000 dancers come together to perform traditional and modern repertoire. Auļi participated in both the Opening and Gala concerts performing together with and in front of 12,000 singers in the Mežaparks open air stage. The Gala concert began with a drum and bagpipe piece performed by the group and an additional 20 bagpipers who were leading the procession of all the singers on stage. This was the biggest gathering of bagpipers in Latvia in modern times. Auļi performed their own compositions in between choral songs as well as participating in the performance of compositions by modern Latvian composers Zigmars Liepiņš and Valts Pūce. The most impressive moment of the event was the enthusiastic support from the arena of singers, clapping and calling to the beat of Auli’s rhythms.


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