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In their third album Etnotranss Auļi are going on a conceptional journey of initiation through the underworld, travelling through time and various stages of passion, fear, power and friendship, meeting on their way mythical companions, transforming themselves several times and returning wiser and stronger. The well-known Latvian writer Laima Muktupāvela has written texts for each of the pieces, which can be read while listening to the music and thus create an associative background.

Ethno... To know, feel, remember where we come from.
The songs of this land flow in our blood and spirit...
Musical pieces on this album were composed while living through ancient melodies and transforming found sensations in a new expression.
Trance... The otherworld just there. We, ourselves here and now, yet there and then too. Vision, foresight, travelling. Into the Self, into time... Writer Laima Muktupāvela presented her Vision to us. Through her – we see through the eyes of a woman, and then, transformed – through those of a man...
And so we meet again at the ancient oak. Since the beginning of time nothing has changed in the patterns...

Laima Muktupāvela

Laima Muktupāvela
Is a writer, publicist, essayist, and author of several novels. In all her works she successfully unites pagan and Christian ideas, and her literary writing is in the magical realist style. She has studied applied arts,folklore, history and philosophy.